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Our Process

Being a fully-virtual wealth management company, we are focused on helping clients optimize tax efficiency, organize estate planning, and manage their wealth toward enjoying their best life and/or creating a financial legacy.


Get Acquainted

First, we get acquainted in a 30-minute Zoom.  We will discuss your experience with our industry, listen to what outcomes you are seeking, share the steps in our Fiduciary process, and how we are compensated.


The Smart Fit Analysis

Next, you will receive a questionnaire to complete, and upload copies of essential documents to our secure server. We honor this initial commitment by researching and preparing your customized Smart Fit Analysis (SFA) to be shared via PowerPoint in a 1-hour Zoom. Our preparation usually requires 2-4 hours and your SFA is sent to you at no cost. 


The Smart Fit Analysis is a thorough review of your fees, conflicts of interest, tax-efficiency, risk tolerance, wealth allocation & coordination, estate planning and more.


Your SFA will provide a clear example of the type of quality work we do and how we may be very different from your prior experience with our industry.


The Discovery Process

Following your Smart Fit Analysis, we move forward in a Fiduciary, thorough, fee-only, process.


We go beyond the numbers to understand your unique objectives, values, and worldview. This qualitative information is too often overlooked and is critical to aligning your strategies with your desired outcomes. This is a deeper dive into the issues uncovered in the SFA, and other opportunities.

We explore various strategic concepts and customized solutions. Your Discovery Process involves due diligence, critical thinking, and recommendations in a holistic way.


This process will be delivered in a series of 60-minute Zoom meetings.  Your case complexity will determine how many meetings are required to provide exceptional value.

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