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The Wealth Management Formula

Wealth Management = Investment Consulting + Advanced Planning + Relationship Management.


Advanced planning addresses the four primary financial concerns beyond investment consulting: Wealth enhancement, Wealth transfer, Wealth protection and Charitable giving. These areas, and related decisions, are strategic in nature. Tax and expense efficiency, managing a variety of risks, income and distribution planning are customized for families. This type of planning is not commonly offered or delivered by advisors, but can be very impactful to a family's bottom line. These strategies and decisions are also much more fact-based and controllable than Investment consulting.


Relationship management has two parts. First, it means building and fostering client relationships over time through a consultative process. Second, it involves managing other professional advisors- whether advisors in my network, or our family's other advisors- in order to address advanced planning concerns. An effective Wealth Manager becomes your own personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) focused on your overall objectives and accountable to you. In this capacity, your Wealth Manager (CFO) will help you make informed decisions to maximize the probability of achieving all outcomes important to you in the most cost effective, efficient way. This type of planning is not routinely provided by most industry advisors.


Based on my experience, I appreciate that the Wealth Management approach may be unfamiliar to you. You may not recognize the terms used above either. The above issues do not apply to all families. If you'd like to better understand how having a Wealth Manager versus a broker or "investment guy" then send us an email or contact Anna Hopkins in my office to schedule a call or visit.

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