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Experience the PCA difference!

You have unique values, objectives, fears, life experiences, and biases.  Any financial professional who ignores or minimizes the importance of "your story" may not be able to help you achieve your ideal outcomes or hit your goals. 



Ryan Poterack graduated from Iowa State with a degree in Finance. He began his career in management at a Fortune 500 company and quickly realized that, in order to provide his clients with the personalized service and hospitality they deserved, he would need to go out on his own.

He founded Poterack Capital Advisory in 2001 using the tagline “It’s about relationships, not transactions” as his guiding light. Perfecting the client experience is his passion. He has committed his career to creating meaningful relationships with his clients, anchored by candid discussions about real-world choices we all face.


  • We believe little things matter a lot.

  • We believe in personal responsibility.

  • We believe nice companies finish first.

  • We believe in solution-oriented communication.

  • We believe in speaking forthrightly and with candor.

  • We believe listening to our client is better than convincing our client.

  • We believe in a fun, productive office that encourages career development.

  • We believe everything we do has an effect on how our company is viewed.

  • We believe in providing the best client experience in the world.

  • We believe in mutually-profitable partnerships with clients.

  • We believe embracing change leads to future success.

  • We believe in improving our client’s quality of life.

The PCA Team


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